Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Because deviance can be fun!

So I had my first big day of classes today (starting at 7:30am and going through to 3:18), and the only thing I'm noticing about this schedule is how long the day feels; my inner clock thinks it's about 10pm right now. The best part of the day was definitely my Sociology of Deviant Behaviours class (spelled that way because I'm, you know, worldly). First of all, the professor seems super cool - child of the 60s, hair straight out of the 80s, and definitely excited about what she's teaching. She started the class by asking, "How many of you guys have bought your books?"
A handful of students raise their hands. 
"Okay, and how many of you ladies took Sociology last quarter?"
Four or five girls raise their hands. 
"Interesting...and how many of you guys bought your books? Raise your hands high now."
The same handful of kids raise their hands.
"And which of you ladies took a Soc. class last quarter?"
Again, the four or five girls raise their hands. And by now, the entire class is thoroughly confused. The prof pauses - then poses a question: "Why is it that when I asked 'which of you guys' had bought your books, a group of guys and girls raised their hands, but when I asked 'how many ladies' had taken a Sociology course before, only girls raised their hands?"
That was probably the coolest intro to a class I'd ever seen - and that was just the start. We talked about sadomasochists, rapists, murderers, witches, and all kinds of other fun and exciting things. I'm definitely stoked for this class. 

This blogging thing is kinda fun, I'm going to try to do an update every day. And in my special little world inside my head, people will be reading it, too.

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